Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Things

This is from Facebook. I love facebook. I can catch up with friends and toss snowballs and share drinks and hugs and give plants and beat brains and block icky boys from high school. I actually only do the last one on this list. The other stuff is a timesuck of epic proportions and just weird me out.

I am starting to think I might be more popular now than I ever was in High School, due to the new practices of empafriending (friending people you may not remember from high school because you don't want to hurt their feelings) and quotafriending (friending friends of your friends you might remotely remember in order to have more friends on your friend list than that bitch Cathy from high school) Note - There is no Bitch named Cathy from my high school in real life. I made her up. There were Bitches with other names in High School but they shall remain nameless - For Now.....

Anyway, back to my random 25 things.

1. I may be from the South, but I am a NYC girl and always will be!
2. I love gardens, but have a black thumb.
3. I can finally bake my own bread (and rarely screw it up..... OK only sometimes screw it up)
4. I once had 6 piercings. (Although don't worry, none of them were in weird places, ew)
5. Unlike my friend Teal, I do not have a tattoo because I promised my mother I would not get one while she was in hospital.
6. I wish I could sing. Everyone that hears me sing, also wishes I could sing.
7. I still watch the Young & the Restless on SoapNet. Love that Victor Newman!
8. I am not sure that I know 25 random things about myself
9. Before moving to England, I owned at least 20 pairs of boots and countless pairs of shoes. Now that is random and I miss those Steve Madden's even if they hurt so bad I once had to go to Debenham's and buy yet ANOTHER pair of caramel colored boots just to get home!
10. I have been cleared by Secret Service to approach the President of the United States. It has been a while (Clinton) so that might not be true anymore.
11. I can't sleep on planes, but I can sleep in the car (which annoys my husband when I sleep in the car after we fly to England overnight!)
12. If I don't get coffee in the morning, I get a terrible headache. Can you say addiction???
13. I can rollerblade in NYC Traffic but once smashed a frog on the west side - sad clown. (Why was a frog on 9th Avenue?)
14. My favorite restaurant is/was El Cid in NYC. Oh how I miss the smack-taters... But not the extra body piercings that always seemed to happen after dinner here (See #4 and thankyouverymuch Jennifer G. OWWWW.)
15. I survived the water slide of death in the Bahamas at Paradise Island (and had a bruise on my ass to prove it that grossed out my doctor - and she delivers babies every day)
16. I never tan, I always burn.
17. I am afraid of sharks.
18. I hate emptying the dishwasher
19. I once met OJ Simpson (before he went all psycho glove modeling murderery on the world)
20. Like my Dad, I am an early riser.
21. Unlike my Dad, I can sleep all morning if I want to.
22. I have an entire plan for when I win the lottery, but almost never play.
23. Some of my best friends live entirely too far away from me.
24. My goal is to retire with my husband to Italy.
25. I read far too many blogs but did not want to start one because I thought/think mine would be boring. What is this? A Blog. Oh well. I am going to give it a shot.

wish me luck.