Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tipity Tap Tap tipity typy ... Gingerale? Ice Chip? Me?

I am sitting in my mother's hospital room, hanging out as she snoozes away, waiting for yet another test to make sure that there are no rogue gallstones that did not catch their scheduled ride with Glinda Gall Bladder when she made her exit a few weeks ago. It turns out Pandora Pancreas is the bitch in the neighborhood.

I could write a novel on my mom's fight, but it would be from a distant third person perspective. She has fought more battles with cancer and her own health my entire adult life and I was living in NYC and the UK the entire time. Now, I am living close by and we are all trying help out and keep her company as we decide how to get Pandora's nasty attitude under control.

I am learning about pain management and enzymes and potential complications like diabetese and pancreatic cancer although I think she has kicked cancer's ass so many times I doubt there is a cancer cell left within 100 miles of her.

My husband and I are talking about a move back closer to his family, which will take me far away again and I ok with that now, but I know I will miss her and my dad when it happens.

Enough for now, the moving talk gives me hives and has me stealing mom's morphine pills.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gall Bladder as Red Herring

It turns out my mother's gall bladder was not her main problem. She is back in the hospital after her two daughters basically accused her of latching onto her pain medication and milking it like Amy Winehouse at a house party in Brixton.

Turns out she probably has pancreatitis, which is very painful and really has no easy cure, other than her ass kicking pain pills. Yay daughters of mercy!!! I feel just a tad guilty about trying to wean her off the pills and telling her to man up (not literally, but you know what I mean... "Are you sure you want another shot of morphine, mom? How about an ibuprofin tablet instead?)

So I am back down south to do the daughterly sit by the bedside thing for a while tomorrow.

Will try and post from the hospital. Every time I drive the 2 hours there, I think of what I want to write about it but it all fades away when I get in front of the laptop. Maybe Vista is really a soul sucking idea sucking thought leach???

more later


Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun Fridays

No excuse for the lack of posts. This is a quickie to try and get in the habit of writing something more often. All the birth stories this week are so amazing. Almost makes me wish I had kids of my own. Almost, I say, as I fret over the dogs and step kids and the neice and nephews and my wonderful husband of 5 years this week!

Love you honey!