Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yesterday was February 23rd

So yesterday. . . . . {birds twittering} um, yesterday was like, Monday.

I drove to my office that is in another town about 2 hours away and spent the day there, cheering on the guys I work with and creating fabulous documents in Print Shop and excel. ( I love me some excel spreadsheets!!!).

I talked to a friend in New York via email and it looks like this summer will be the first time several of my NYC pals will be able to meet up at the beach together at my parents house in North Carolina!!! I need to start stocking up on wine now so I don't hyperventilate at the licquor store in July when I buy what we neeeeeeeed for our liquid refreshment at beach prices!!!

So so far so good at heading backwords.

Tomorrow, we will once again move in both directions!

Today is February 24th

Something happened in February. What was it??? working,,,, check. Valentines with my wonderful P, check. I am assuming it was cold. I know that February is short, but how in the world did the whole month go by so fast!!! This blogging is only going to work if something happens and I never planned to bore the interwebs with my love and adoration of my husband and our two dogs!!!! He does deserve it though and I plan on an ode to his wonderfulness later.

I have this secret plan to start a backwards Blog. To vow to post two entries every day, one that sums up the current day, and one that goes back in time.

I want to rememeber my life. The good times anyway and if I am brave enough, the not so good times. We will have to see. If we get through 1998 without anything that is sad and scary then you will know I have chickened out! Feel free to call me on that.

So. I have done todays post yay!!!!

No onward and backward!