Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today is February 24th

Something happened in February. What was it??? working,,,, check. Valentines with my wonderful P, check. I am assuming it was cold. I know that February is short, but how in the world did the whole month go by so fast!!! This blogging is only going to work if something happens and I never planned to bore the interwebs with my love and adoration of my husband and our two dogs!!!! He does deserve it though and I plan on an ode to his wonderfulness later.

I have this secret plan to start a backwards Blog. To vow to post two entries every day, one that sums up the current day, and one that goes back in time.

I want to rememeber my life. The good times anyway and if I am brave enough, the not so good times. We will have to see. If we get through 1998 without anything that is sad and scary then you will know I have chickened out! Feel free to call me on that.

So. I have done todays post yay!!!!

No onward and backward!

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