Thursday, April 23, 2009


I can't seem to get any work done. and it is because I am not doing any work.

List of Time Sucks that currently prevent me from doing anything remotely like work.

1. Google Reader. I have figured out how to check the blogs I check in Google Reader and I keep adding more and more fabulous blogs every day!! Hello Mrs. Chicken, how are the kids? I know you are ready for a move and your house is a mess and you have deadlines but somehow, I am pretty sure you are GETTING WORK DONE!!!!!! unlike me. hic. sigh.

2. Twitter. Time Suck of Epic proportions!!! My only saving grace is I have a work cell phone so no way I can turn twitter on my phone.

3. Facebook. This one is dying out a bit for me, but it will be back as my high school reunion looms ahead of me and friends keep poking me and throwing sheep at me. I swear to God I love the Rain Forest. Sting and Trudy and I are so tight on this issue but If I get sent one more prickly pear plant or spiney cactus I am going to decamp to myspace and start a blog on burning an even bigger hole in the ozone layer with my aquanet and my hummer!

4. Snood. Thank you amalah, for reminding me about Snood. I thought I had gotten it out of my system, but I have fallen off the snood wagon and can't stop shooting the fuckers all day!

5. Freecell. Not sure why, but I always play Freecell when my computer freezes up and it seems to work. This makes my husband's head explode and he gets all techy and smart telling me that there is now way turning on ANOTHER program will speed things up but I am sure it works!

I think that is it and I honestly cannot say that this blog is a Time Suck, because I can't seem to post as much as I want. so that would be a lie. Myabe I can write more and officially add it to the list!

sigh. Time to go home from a very hard day's work. shifty eyes, who me????

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Undercover Sister

Do we all start out incognito? I want to say it all here, but I am afraid of who will see it. I have always hated my writing and have thrown away every journal I have ever tried to start after a few pages. Because I am a sucky sappy terrible writer that missed punctuation due to a bad chase of chicken pox...... :; ;)

I do not want to hurt anyone, but I am hurt by those same people all the time. How fucked up is that? Every day, I have to remind myself that the most important things are my little nuclear family. I think my parents care about my happiness, and of course my wonderful husband and stepkids. I just wish everyone understood me. I wish I understood me.

I also worry that I do not reach out to people who were part of my old life. I have friends in New York I have completely lost touch with. Ugh, I just wish I was better a keeping in touch. I think I will stop writing here and write a few emails!

Still sending love and prayers to Gorilabuns...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sometimes Everything Sucks

Someone I never met has suffered a terrible loss and I have come to realize that sometimes this anonymous huge blogging world is as close and real as the hot tears I have shed for a baby I never met or smelled or held in my arms. He was as real to me as my own family, and he did not deserve this.

To keep things simple, please go to Whoorl and give if you can, to spare this family the kick in the teeth that is having to pay to bury their child.

That is all I have in me to write today.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Time is short and so are my pants!*

I am rushing around and getting people on planes and working and it is raining but here goes my short and sweet news of the day!

I love Twitter - it is Fabulous, but I have a work phone and am petrified of the girl that checks the bills and I know she will get all pissy and bossy and "you are not supposed to use your phone for texting" and all so Twitter is not so fabulous for me. sad.

I just looked at blurb and I am so doing this right away. I will be creative and artistic and will somehow morph my wedding pictures into ones like I see on the sample pages and lose 20 pounds and edit out the weird lighting and who is that strange guy in the back of the shot??? I will produce something amazing just as soon as I get all the pictures on all the computers onto my new laptop and scan 856,234,567,123 other old photos onto here and crop and blur edges and edit and write pithy captions and heartfelt prose about my life and my wonderful husband (who really is wonderful) and design creative layouts and omg I am already tiredddhhhmmmmzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

more later peeps!

*Oh my husband says my jeans are too short, but I did not buy them short so they must have shrunk, but they are not tight so maybe the fact they are cheap - we have lycra! streeeetchy jeans is the problem. sigh.