Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Time is short and so are my pants!*

I am rushing around and getting people on planes and working and it is raining but here goes my short and sweet news of the day!

I love Twitter - it is Fabulous, but I have a work phone and am petrified of the girl that checks the bills and I know she will get all pissy and bossy and "you are not supposed to use your phone for texting" and all so Twitter is not so fabulous for me. sad.

I just looked at blurb and I am so doing this right away. I will be creative and artistic and will somehow morph my wedding pictures into ones like I see on the sample pages and lose 20 pounds and edit out the weird lighting and who is that strange guy in the back of the shot??? I will produce something amazing just as soon as I get all the pictures on all the computers onto my new laptop and scan 856,234,567,123 other old photos onto here and crop and blur edges and edit and write pithy captions and heartfelt prose about my life and my wonderful husband (who really is wonderful) and design creative layouts and omg I am already tiredddhhhmmmmzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

more later peeps!

*Oh my husband says my jeans are too short, but I did not buy them short so they must have shrunk, but they are not tight so maybe the fact they are cheap - we have lycra! streeeetchy jeans is the problem. sigh.

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