Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Why I am not here.

I seriously suck at this. Like the giant spider that sucks your brain out of your head when you are in the throes of torment by your older sister.

I think I can write. I love to read and I know when I am reading well written work. I also know when I am reading crap and I wonder, how do these people earn a Robin Leach Style Fantastic Living at this? Why not me??? I don't even have to time to write crap. (Please see exhibit A below)

Right now, instead of being here, I should be working on the following tasks:

1) My real job. The job that is not something that inspires me or excites me or challenges me in any way, but it is much needed income right now.

2) My volunteer job. This job I took on to stay in my "real" profession, which is non profit consulting. It was a simple job and it seemed like it would not take up too much time. And it hasn't actually, but there is a danger that the project will fail if I do not step up and produce something soon.

3) My new job. I have a chance to jump in and start my own consulting business. This is amazing and what I want and what I plan to do full time in about 6 months. I had planned to leave my current job and then take up the new consulting gig almost immediately after that, counting on savings and the money fairy to get us through any lag time in income. Now, I have the chance to overlap and start consulting early, so that there will be no lag time. On paper, this is great. In real life, my head has just exploded. Here is why: or List of Reasons Why I am DOOMED!

A) My new life that is starting in 6 months requires me to move to another Country on another Continent.

B) We need to sell our house before we can do that

C) We need to file a million pieces of paper before we can do that

D) Above mentioned pieces of paper cost eleventy billion dollars to file

E) The other country is 5 hours ahead of where I am now, resulting in 5am conference calls every week!

I know that I have no real problems compared to others, but if I can't complain here, on my own space, why did I create it?

Done whining. Back to work.