Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why I Freak Out (Or How Not to)

Sometimes when I have too much to do, I do nothing. Then I feel guilty about not doing the eleventy million things I need to do. For work, for my family, for my friends, for my non profit friends, and last of all for myself (Hi Oula from Bliss in NYC, my unwaxed body misses you so.)

I don't have any children (just two hairy dogs) and I know that mom's have way more responsiblity than I do so I should shut up and stop whining. I do have three step children, who live far away and while two are older and can take care of themselves and arrange their visits to see us, the youngest is quite young and we travel to him several times a year. Across the Atlantic, on a 5 day commando raid visit that must to him feel like a whirlwind of fun before he is dropped back into the life he leads every day that involves picking up his dirty underwear (pants where he is from) and playing nicely with other small people.

So, I freak myself out when the travel plans (and cost of them) get out of control and the house starts disappearing under the dust and dogs hair turns into tumbleweed rolling across the floor and there is no bread in the house unless you count the defrosted dinner rolls I took out of the freezer last night so my husband could have some form of toast this morning.

Ok. I feel better for whining and now I am going to make some lists, which make me freak out less. I wish I could figure out a way to make a list in my brain that stays there. Then when I think of something to add to the list, say while I am driving, it would just go the list and live there until I do it. I have heard the the iphone probably has an app for that so i must add to my to do list, research iphone. sigh.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Slow Down

We are back from a whirlwind of a trip in London, with lots of family time and some museums and wildy overpriced pasties thrown in for good measure.

Whenever we go, my husband gets to pick the meals as he gets homesick for British Food (I know) living in the states. So we had some average chinese food, an overpriced pasty and then I did manage to have the most amazing hamburger near the hotel. More amazing were the onion rings and excuse me now, I have PMS and must go chomp on something, even if it is a table leg drenched in salt.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Not a Blogger, just a Google Reader

I love so many blogs. I read them as fast as the posts pop up on Google Reader, while this place gathers dust bunnies and cobwebs. I wish I could write half as well as any of what I browse through on a daily basis. All I can do it try, right? Oh, and try and remember all the writing stuff I learned at the fancy college back in the 80s. Tangenital thought - How did we survive the 80's without a Super Target?

Speaking of Target, my husband and I are trying to not spend any money unless it is absolutely necessary, in order to completely pay off our credit cards by the end of July. Sadly, some literal cobwebs rather than the above mentioned mental ones caused my wonderful husband to climb atop a 6 foot ladder on Sunday and stretch out with the hoover just a bit too far, causing a catastrophic tumble and a slash on his hand courtesy of the garage door. So. Yeah. Blood. Everywhere. He kindly refrained from bleeding inside the house and then resolutely refused to head to the hospital that night because "I don't need stitches. It has almost stopped bleeding." OMG the blood spatter in the garage looks like Lizzie Borden was hanging out beside the riding mower and between the lawn chairs.

Off to the drugstore then, to spend $65 on first aid supplies to staunch the blood and wrap his hand up like a girl scout trying to get her first health merit badge (I was a girl scout drop out, btw so you can imagine how that turned out). Wait, what? $65? How is it that as soon as I get poised to clear off these godforsaken credit cards, I have to go to Target for one thing (ONE THING!) and I end up spending $100. I did not really NEED that wine rack but it helps corral the many bottles of pinot grigio rolling around in the cupboard so I can more organizedly choose my next beverage to toast falls and spills and bumps and bruises around here. My husband also does not need to know I was browsing the home goods section of target while he was waiting in the car with a paper towel around his partially severed finger. Ugh. Blood is not my thing, pass the pinot!

So, I convinced him to go to the hospital 24 hours later with the dire warning that he would get lockjaw if he did not get a tetanus shot. 4 hours and eleventy billion hospital germs later, he was told he had fractured his finger and chipped part of the finger bone off at the end, but it was too late for stitches and if you had listened to your wife then this would not hurt so much and here is a $1,000 bill for tape and gause and call us in the morning... and he's not listening.....

I have completely lost the thread of where I was going with this, but at least I went somewhere.

Anyway. I am planning on buying two books this month (yes I know what I said up there, shut up) because these two books are at the top of my list of summer must reads!!!! Danny Evans Rage:

and Quinn Cummings Notes:

Love, Love, Love both these blogs and I know that iced beverages of all sorts will be snorted out of my nose as soon as I pick both of these up!