Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why I Freak Out (Or How Not to)

Sometimes when I have too much to do, I do nothing. Then I feel guilty about not doing the eleventy million things I need to do. For work, for my family, for my friends, for my non profit friends, and last of all for myself (Hi Oula from Bliss in NYC, my unwaxed body misses you so.)

I don't have any children (just two hairy dogs) and I know that mom's have way more responsiblity than I do so I should shut up and stop whining. I do have three step children, who live far away and while two are older and can take care of themselves and arrange their visits to see us, the youngest is quite young and we travel to him several times a year. Across the Atlantic, on a 5 day commando raid visit that must to him feel like a whirlwind of fun before he is dropped back into the life he leads every day that involves picking up his dirty underwear (pants where he is from) and playing nicely with other small people.

So, I freak myself out when the travel plans (and cost of them) get out of control and the house starts disappearing under the dust and dogs hair turns into tumbleweed rolling across the floor and there is no bread in the house unless you count the defrosted dinner rolls I took out of the freezer last night so my husband could have some form of toast this morning.

Ok. I feel better for whining and now I am going to make some lists, which make me freak out less. I wish I could figure out a way to make a list in my brain that stays there. Then when I think of something to add to the list, say while I am driving, it would just go the list and live there until I do it. I have heard the the iphone probably has an app for that so i must add to my to do list, research iphone. sigh.

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