Thursday, April 16, 2009

Undercover Sister

Do we all start out incognito? I want to say it all here, but I am afraid of who will see it. I have always hated my writing and have thrown away every journal I have ever tried to start after a few pages. Because I am a sucky sappy terrible writer that missed punctuation due to a bad chase of chicken pox...... :; ;)

I do not want to hurt anyone, but I am hurt by those same people all the time. How fucked up is that? Every day, I have to remind myself that the most important things are my little nuclear family. I think my parents care about my happiness, and of course my wonderful husband and stepkids. I just wish everyone understood me. I wish I understood me.

I also worry that I do not reach out to people who were part of my old life. I have friends in New York I have completely lost touch with. Ugh, I just wish I was better a keeping in touch. I think I will stop writing here and write a few emails!

Still sending love and prayers to Gorilabuns...

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