Friday, October 30, 2009

Tubular Bells!

So, Tube Tops are the worst idea and yet always seem to be a local fashion do! All year round! At least in these parts of Podunk, South Carolina.

Someone recently sent me a link to the amazing train wreck that is and I have been transfixed. My eyes! My eyes! Someone get me a fork so I may gouge them out before I see one more back bo*b being strangled by a shredded tied up tshirt, with that lovely Rollings Stones tongue on the front. Never in a million years would I ever leave the house again if I sported any of the looks that are apparently Walmart Appropriate Attire.

Now, however, I must make my Tube Top Confession. Let us pray.

I recently bought what I thought was a long Maxi skirt (notatwalmart - it was Tarjet), that in actuality was a Maxi dress. A Tube Tob Maxi dress and the only way I could wear it arond the house without tripping all over myself was to hoik it up over my bo*bs and wear it as a tube top! And no pictures will ever be forthcoming thankyouverymuch. And also obviously I would never leave the house in it or wear it in front of anyone other than my two dogs, George and Molly, who I really think are way to judgemental about my fashion choices as it is. Stop staring. And Drooling. And shedding on the bed while you are at it. Gah.

Just because I live in the middle of nowhere, South Carolina does not mean I am doomed to become a tube top wearing, walmart shopping person with an ankle monitor as a fashion statement!

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