Monday, March 28, 2011

Friends with Benefits

Why do we love facebook? When I got started on facebook, it seemed to take forever to build up friends and I felt like everyone had more friends than I did and it sort of became high school all over again. I am up to a respectable number of friends now, but sister, you better believe I check my friend count against my frenemies and some of you people I friended, you are just there for the numbers. The main reason I rarely write much here is because every time I think about something to write about, I shudder at the thought someone from my family may see it. For instance, right now, the front bathroom is clogged and I had to do unspeakable things to destroy the evidence ithat I messed it up and I am just waiting for my husband to go in there and think he did it and make everything right again with the world. Carry on. Sorry. So anyway, Facebook. My friends on facebook are my offline friends, school friends, work friends, family, etc. I recently friended a blog friend on facebook and then a few more and suddenly, I feel like my worlds have once again - collided. Especially because yesterday, Adam from Avitable friended me! I'm like Sally Field at the Oscars! Me! He Friended Me! I am one of the cool kids!!!!!! But now, I am freaking out. I mean, can my regular friends see my comments on Adam's facebook message because he makes me curse and say very inappropriate things and my MOM is on facebook. My current status is a teeny bit worried about my status.

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