Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm Late, I'm Late

And no I am not pregnant.

I am just so rushed off my feet I have had no time to write. Actually, I have had no time to write anything that is not craptacularly bad. And all my favorite writers are posting such lovely things I just read those and think I do not have the right to call this tiny shred of the blog world mine.

Then I attended #HomeHer10 and laughed and laughed.

Thank you so much BackPackingDad for such a great idea.

I recently moved from South Carolina to Gloucestershire in the UK and I was sad there was no way I was attending BlogHer. I thought I would go when they announced it was NYC, as that is my old stomping ground, but I am so happy here with my family and I so glad we made the move.

Anyway, to anyone who started to follow me on Twitter, I thought I should suck it up and post something new, even if it is less than literary.

Less than Literary, hmmm now that is a blog name!


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