Saturday, April 3, 2010

Church and State

So I have been thinking about separation lately.

I have a blog, obviously, here we are. I make no effort to publicize this, again obviously, here we are again. I had a chance, a while back, to have a link back from a very, very big blog, that would have increased traffic and given me a chance to have actual readers. In a brief chat with the blogger in question, I opted not to go ahead, mainly because I was not ready and did not feel like what I wrote was good enough. I still don't.

Then I started a Twitter account and things began to get blurry. A friend started following me on Twitter and while he is a one of the "cool kids" from my life, I realized that if I had everyone I know following me on Twitter, then they would see my blog and honestly, I am not ready for those worlds to collide. I will most likely never want that.

I have been researching work things for my new business, and following lots of non profits and related stuff on Twitter, and things are now complicated. So I was thinking of splitting myself up into two Twitters accounts maybe even a work blog and this one.

Is that possible? Is that truthful?


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