Thursday, August 27, 2009

I need to post more. I need to post more. I need to post more. I need to.. Wait, I've got it! Val Kilmer, Nipples & Pervy Grandmas!

So I always have these great ideas for blog posts. When I'm brushing my teeth or driving or anywhere far, far away from a pencil, paper, or laptop. Like the blog post about that hilarious time I... Wait, no. Nothing.... I suck at this.

I need the little recorder that Michael Keaton had in Night Shift. Something about tuna and mayo already in the can ---- Hilarious. And speaking of Michael Keaton. Mr. Mom was also hilarious. When did he stop being funny? Was he the Batman with nipples on his Batsuit (because that was NOT funny) or was that Val Kilmer with the nipples? I sound like a pervy jewish grandma. That Val Kilmer with the nipples!! Oi!

And speaking of Val Kilmer, I heard the only door he has been opening lately has been the Refrigerator Door. You could always tell he had the Fat Gene. Some men just show early on that they are going look like walruses (walrusi?) when they age. Alec Baldwin - Fat Gene. George Cloony - No Fat Gene. He is sticking right where he is in the weight department (thankyouverymuchGoerge) (P.S.Georgepleasestaysingle). Brad Pitt - Tentatively placed in the Fat Gene Club. Sorry, but I think Mr. Jolie is heading for the Husky department at Gucci. It is something about their necks, although the dude from Boston Legal shocked me when he ended up as the Freaking President of the Fat Gene Club!

Oh God. I need to write the good stuff down. If you see a Hyundai Tuscon swerving all over I-77 in South Carolina - that's me trying desparately put a coherent thought down on a G*# D#@* piece of paper.

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