Friday, August 14, 2009

Past or Presents????

Tomorrow is my 43rd birthday. I feel alternately 14 and 400. I spent over $200 today covering the gray and letting a tiny young blond thing sell me hair products that will keep the gray covered for longer. My list of aches and pains is growing and my list of athletic abilities is diminishing, like the law of returns. Speaking of returns, I need to return the old lady jeans I bought the other day because wtf, "OLD LADY JEANS????" They looked right on the hanger at the bargain store but highwaisted is not even close. I could wade the Rio Grand and keep my belt buckle dry.

I recently missed my 25th High School reunion and I am sad when I see the photos on facebook but my cool years were LONG after 1981-1984. I was way cooler in my thirties hanging out with tv stars and politicians in New York.

I hope I will have another cool period soon. The new hairdo should help!

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