Saturday, March 13, 2010

I need a Raincoat in my Crowded House of Doom!

I am burning my cds to my laptop because while I like to think I am hip, I am not.

I am 10 years behind everyone else in this whole Ipod thing and while I own one, I rarely can find it, let alone put songs on it.

It is Saturday and since P is already in England moving into our new house, I get to sit here in South Carolina alone with nothing to do but wait for my nephew to finish taking his SAT.

Since we are moving to England in a few weeks, I only have a small cd holder here with a few of my favorites so I decided to burn them onto my laptop to get rid of the cds. Here is what I learned about myself.....

The 80's and 90's was depressing for me musically and boy does your music say a lot about how OLD I am.

Counting Crows - August & Everything After is amazing, but please hand me your rusty razorblade, Adam Duritz (my soulmate when I was 30).

Crowded House: Crowded House - A bit farther back for me, to the college years and again, teeny tiny bit of a downer.... Are we sensing a theme?

The Connells: Ring - A North Carolina Band I loved and must have seen live a jillion times in Columbia, SC at the amazing Rockefella's in Five Points. Angsty College Rock and my assymetrical bob haircut and double pierced ears!

Better Than Ezra: Deluxe - Loved them in the '90's and this CD is still fantastic Again, young love, death and sadness were with me on my walkman as I trotted around midtown in my nikes, heading to work with the 10 million other drones in Jones New York suits and Hanes Sheer pantyhose.

The Black Crowes: Amorica - Here is where I get into my Bad Boy Phase. I saw Chris Robinson once in NYC at a small venue where some friends were playing. He was dressed in black like he needed to accentuate just how freaking skinny he was. I could have snapped him like a twig while gazing into his eyes which appeared to be located on two different parts of his face. Just say No, kids.

And that is it all I have here in my pleather cd case. A few other albums by one of those above but boy do I love me some '90s alternative Rock. They really got me you know? Like they were singing to me, directly? And knew me down deep, to my soul? Where is VH1's Back to Music when you need it?????

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