Saturday, March 6, 2010

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I am sitting here in a tiny bedroom (that is not that tiny, really) on a single bed, with a dog on my feet, and dirt all over the covers, since I can't keep the dogs off of here. I don't have a couch (we do but it is in storage) just this one bed and two dog crates, which are really useless because I am a sucker and won't make them sleep in them.

We have chosen a rental house in Gloucestershire and P should be able to move in next Saturday. He will be in just about as bad a shape as me in terms of having no stuff but guys tend to rough it better.

I wish I could just be there, but my paperwork still has to go through and the dogs are not cleared for takeoff until April.

The house in Gloucestershire is a small bungalow, but it ticked quite a few boxes for us: It had a garage to hold all our boxes. It is a 6 month lease which will turn into a month to month lease we can leave with just a month's notice. That way we can look together when we are both over there and if we have the money, buy something.

Change is good. and I am ready for more!

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